ATINOX products are mechanical stainless steel tubes mainly used on constructions or for ornamental purpose. Surfaces of all tubes are cleaned by an on-line brushing system. With their mat looking slightly grind pattern to the length, they are perfect for ornamental / constructional use. Above a certain diameter the internal weld-bead is removed by standard. Below a certain size, the internal weld bead is not removed and can be seen at the inside. During the production process, cone expansion and flattening tests are applied. Since ATINOX tubes are for mechanical purposes rather than fluid transportation, hydrostatic pressure testing is not applied, allthough they are resistant to high internal pressures until a certain level.

Atinox Stainless Steel Tubes have a wide use in nearly every industry. These tubes are especially preferred at systems where no corrosion is desired: Machinery(Textile), buildings, aotomotive industry, industrial kitchens, furniture, decoration etc.

Below, pictures of diverse applications can be seen: